Who we are

The corporate media serves the interests of big business – That is obvious to most ordinary working people. What is not always so clearly recognised is that anti-communism, and anti-Sovietism in particular, permeates our modern media, and is woven into the accepted worldview of both the right and the left to such a deep degree that it can almost go unnoticed. 

The point of this anti-communist propaganda is, quite simply, to make ordinary working people scared of their own shadow – to be scared of our potential as a class, to be scared of socialism, and to be ignorant of our own class history and the triumphs that working people have achieved historically in the epoch-defining struggle against capitalist exploitation and imperialism. 

With popular culture, journalism, contemporary literature and academia awash with anti-communist themes, there are countless examples of this type of imperialist propaganda produced each and every day in the sphere of national and global media, and COUNTER-PROP has set out to dissect and demolish some of the most egregious items that come to our attention. 

COUNTER-PROP is run entirely by volunteers. Send all queries to info@counter-prop.org.